Coyote Project

What's new?

2014/5/18 Updated Robotics page.
2014/1/5 We have started a robotics project.
2013/4/16 Caline 2.0 has been released!
2013/4/7Coyote Project web site has been moved and redesigned.

What's Coyote Project?

We're group of engineers having specialties in computer vision, automatic control, and software/hardware design, looking for a way to bring an entirely new experience through stand alone robot-car technology. We're developing the "intelligent toy platform" by fusing a low cost computer and sensors to toy products. We believe a whole new way of playing toys can be realized using this platform.

We'll show you demos one by one as our development progress, so that you can get some idea of what we're trying to do. Please feel free to contact us for questions, requests, collaboration offers, etc. etc.

Contact Information

Please contact us at for inquiries.