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Coyote Box


As a multi-function Raspberry Pi case

Coyote Box can be used as a multi-function case of "Raspberry Pi" computer.

It comes with a battery box and a power circuit, so you can use it solely from batteries. It also has DC 5V power jack, so you can connect it to a power outlet at home and bring it outside to use it from betteries. Moreover, if you use a USB Wifi module, you can make it completely wireless.

Also, Raspberry Pi camera module can be attached to the front panel of the box. Since it has a tripod attachment on the bottom of the box, you can fix Coyote Box on a tripod and shoot photographs too.

As a robot platform

As seen above, Coyote Box is very useful as a multi-function Raspberry Pi case, but it had originally been developed to control autonomous robots. So probably the most suitable use case for it is as a controller of robots.

It can operate completely wire-free and the batteries have enough power to drive a camera and two 130 motors. In other words, if you prepare a robot chassis with motors and motor drivers, you can easily make it into an autonomous robot using Coyote Box. Furthermore, if all you need is a image sensor, i.e. camera, as its sensing device, you don't need to put any external device.



There is a power switch and a DC 5V plug on the upper surface of it. As stated above, Coyote Box can either be operated from batteries or 5V. When DC plug is inserted it uses the power from DC plug and vice versa.


There is a battery box and a tripod hole on the bottom panel. It uses four AA batteries.


A Raspberry Pi camera module can be fixed on the front panel.