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Coyote Racer


Autonomouse race car

Coyote Racer is a race car that autonomously determines its route based on the information recognized by the camera. It recognizes a predefined marker and determines the relative distance from the car to the marker. Then uses that information to decide its path. Thus, it can, for example, follow a moving marker, attached to some moving object.

And in addition to that, if you place some marker cones on tha floor, they can be regarded as a virtual circuit and Coyote Racer can race around the circuit.

You can assign different commands to different type of markers, for exmaple, you can assign "turn clock-wise" command to one marker and "turn counter-clock-wise" to a different colored marker. By doing so, you can construct a more complex shape racing circuit.

Since Coyote Racer recognize markers in real time, you can move the marker during the race and Coyote Racer can easily adapt to the new marker location.

Drive it from your smartphone

By using a USB WiFi module, it can be controlled from PCs or smart phones. Also you can watch the view from the camera on Coyote Racer while you drive it.

How it works

First, images are taken by a Raspberry Pi camera to locate a target object. Then the images are processed through the image recognition algorithm installed on Raspberry Pi to get the car's (or the object's) location information. And from that information, control command to the motors is computed by the control algorithm. At last, the command is transfered to the motor driver that drives the motors.

In Coyote Racer 0.1, Raspberry Pi and motors uses separated batteries, but in the next version we plan to unify those as a single battery system.


Please see the demo movies for the applications of Coyote Racer.

Future development

In the current version, the computer module (Raspberry Pi module) and the vehicle base are integrated as one component. But we're preparing the next generation Coyote Box 0.2, which is a separated computer module, and we plan to put the new module to Coyote Racer as soon as it becomes ready.