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We propose a whole new way of playing toys by fusing an autonomous robot technology to toy products.

We're developing an intelligent toy platform, which combines a low cost computer and a vision sensor to control autonomous robots. A variety of robots can be built on this platform.

Our first project is called "Coyote Racer", an autonomous robot race car. Please refer to the demo movies and the technology description pages for more details.


Coyote robot platform
An autonomous robot development platform, built around Coyote Box
Coyote Box
Computer module for autonomous robot control, equipped with Raspberry Pi
Coyote Racer
Autonomous robot race car built on Coyote robot platform

Demo movies

Marker tracking

This demo shows one of the Coyote Racers basic funcions, i.e. tracking a target marker. You can see the front (steering) wheels and the rear (throttle) wheels move as the marker in front of the car moves.

The marker position is recognized by the camera attached to the front end of the car. Front wheels are moved so that they point to the marker direction. Rear wheels turn in the forward direction as the marker moves away, and they turn backwards as the marker approaches close to the car so that the marker is kept to the constant position relative to the car.

Robot cat chases radio controlled mouse

In this demo, a cat figure is placed on Coyote Racer and a mouse figure is place on a radio controlled car. Please watch how quickly cat chases the mouse.

This demo is an example of how to utilizes the basic functionality of Coyote Racer, i.e. "following a marker".

Race aroud a virtual circuit

By placing some marker cones on the floor, you can set up a "virtual circuit" anyplace as you like. And Coyte Racer can race around a virtual circuit autonomously. You can easily moves the marker to set up a different shaped circuit. And you can even change the shape of the circuit on the fly during the race. Coyote Racer recognizes the marker location everytime it goes around, so even if the marker location is changed it can easily adapt to the changes.

Radio controlling Coyote Racer from smart phone

<Coming soon ...>

It is also possible to drive, by yourself, Coyote Racer from smartphone. You can also watch the view from the Coyote Racer's camera in the smartphone screen while you drive the car.