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Coyote robot platform


Coyote robot platform is a platform to build a small-scale autonomous robot. The hardware consists of a versatile computer module part called "Coyote Box and a base vehicle part. Various types of robots can be realized using this platform by changing the base vehicle part.

As a first step we're developing a race car type base, "Coyote Racer.

Versatile platform

Image sensing and all the computation is done in Coyote Box, and the resultant motor control command is transfered to the base vehicle part through the GPIO port. By supplying 5V power from Coyote Box to the base part, it provides enough current to drive two 130 motors so that small robot can be easily constructed by a very simple circuit.

Our first target, Coyote Racer, is equipped with two motors. One (rear wheel) to propel the car and another (front wheel) to steer the car to desired direction.

By changing the base vehicle part, you can use it for various applications. For example, if you want a zippy small vehicle, two wheel drive with motors on each wheel may be adequate, or by putting it on a rotating stage you can build a security camera that autonomously pans to search for suspicious persons.


The SDK comes with a set of middleware libraries on Linux. Various applications can be implemented using these libraries. The library consists of image acquisition, motor control, marker recognition functions and so on.


As our first prototype, we've developed a robot racing car, Coyote Racer 0.1, which adopt an integrated control module and base part (not yet adopting the versatile platfrom concept).

Currently, we are develooping Coyote Box 0.2, a separable computer module, and are trying to install it on Coyote Racer.

By using this Coyote Box 0.2, you will be able to develop various applications, and, for our next target, we are planning to develop a two-wheel vehicle called "Coyote Wheeler".